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The next step in beginning your new bartending career is to call us at 1 800 COCKTAIL
Bartending in the greater Boston area can be a fun and rewarding full or part-time career. Our tuition is very reasonable and most graduates earn it back in just a couple of shifts. The next step in beginning your new bartending career is to call us at 1- 888 4 DRINKS and speak to Lou Herborg, our enrollment director. Lou will gladly review how our course works, what it includes and our tuition and payment options.

You may request more information on the last the page, or call Lou directly at 1- 888 4 DRINKS. We encourage you to take the time to personally visit our school. You will given a brief school tour by one of our experienced instructors who will gladly answer any questions you may have.

This will give you the chance to see with your own eyes the quality of our operation. We will gladly show you our realistic classrooms, our training manual and invite you to sit in on your first class at no charge.

New England Bartending SchoolsIf you do not want to travel to the school prior to your first day, you may call Lou at 1- 888 4 DRINKS , or send in the info request form on the last page of this site and indicate in the comment box that you would like to schedule your first class at no charge.

We allow any student who chooses, to sit in on the first class at no charge. This allows the student to experience our bartending school prior to making the enrollment decision. You will sit in on an actual class and be allowed to get behind the bar and make drinks just like the current students.

At the end of the class you may make the decision as to whether you want to continue or not. If you choose to continue, you may arrange it with the instructor on duty at that time. You would simply pay the tuition if full or utilize one of our payment options and then continue the next day with your bartending classes. You may take any of the day, evening or weekend classes to fit your schedule.

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